Eva Buckman

Eva Buckman
Eva Buckman

African Percussion,

Directing African choirs












She is a true multi-talent! In the music and singing school in Heidelberg Eva Buckman is not only flute teacher, but for some years now also head of the existing African choirs Mokolé and Mokoyaala. In 2009 due to popular demand she founded the Mokosheela choir and one year later the project choir Mokolela that rehearses once a month on Saturdays. Eva Buckman is not only a musician with heart and soul - in addition to the flute she masters a variety of percussion instruments - at the same time she is an extremely talented organizer of all activities that are required to make her African choral concerts over and over again a crowd puller.


The following resume provides a glimpse into the musical stations on Eva Buckman's path to African choral music:


From classical to world music


1970 - 1976:

Studied at the Musikhochschule in Karlsruhe, Major Flute


1976 - 1980:

Flute teacher at the music school Neureut (near Karlsruhe)


1980 - today:

Head of department brass and percussion at the music and singing school in Heidelberg


1983 - 1986:

First contact with Cuban percussion (conga) during in-service training
founding and guidance of folklore groups at the Remscheid Academy


In parallel, development of a samba band and drum classes in the music and singing school in Heidelberg, thus serving as the first music school in Germany offering percussion as subject


1987 - 1988:

Music studies at the University of Legon in Ghana, African Arts, various drums, balafon and learning songs


1988 - today:

Continuous drumming workshops for children, adolescents and adults at the music and singing school in Heidelberg


2004 - present:

Establishment of the first choirs with only African repertoire and extending her choral work to a total of four African choirs