Afrikan choral music


In 2004 Eva Buckman founded the Africa choir in Heidelberg.


Already in 2005 Mokolé traveled from Heidelberg on the Neckar to Heidelberg (Johannesburg) in South Africa to experience the original African choral music and to learn from African musicians. A charta of friendship was created between the two cities, that are thousands of miles away under the motto "Heidelberg, Germany, and Heidelberg, South Africa - a musical bridge".


In the next years further trips to South Africa followed and now the German choirs are closely connected to the Lesedi Show Choir, a choir of powerful-voiced, young black singers from the township of Ratanda Heidelberg/South Africa.


The partnership between the Lesedi Show Choir and the Eva Buckman's Moko-choirs is strengthened again and again by mutual visits. Both sides benefit from the intensive musical experience together.


Lesedi Show Choir & Mokolé
Lesedi Show Choir & Mokolé

            Picture: M. Blaser