The latest project of Eva Buckman is called Mokolela. Since September 2010 15 enthusiasts of African music are meeting about once a month on a Saturday for a multi-hour workshop. In the "Stazione" directly at the train station Kirchheim they have found a wonderful facility in which they can sing and dance undisturbed. There is also the opportunity to eat there together.


All voices still need more members, the bass would most welcome support. If interested, please contact Eva Buckman or drop by the Stazione on the dates listed below. The workshops begin at 11:00 clock and usually end at around 18:00 clock.


The next workshop dates:

  • 16.07.2011
  • 17.09.2011
  • 15.10.2011
  • 12.11.2011
  • 17.12.2011 


Picture: K. Dobhan
Picture: K. Dobhan